Vanity Fair: Trump's polling is 'very bad'; 'they're going to have a big problem with female voters'

The redoubtable Gabriel Sherman posted another of his patented White House colonoscopy vids at Vanity Fair today.

He reiterates the new conventional wisdom — expressed in two bombshell stories from The New York Times and Washington Post in the past 24 hours — that when it comes to the Mueller report, Trump & Co. spiked the ball on the 30-yard line before doing an end zone dance on the 10.

Oh, but there was more. Much more

Some of the choicest cuts of Trump steak?

“There’s no brain trust,” a former West Wing official said. Campaign manager Brad Parscale, a social-media consultant with no political experience prior to Trump’s 2016 campaign, is struggling to exert control over the operation and reverse Trump’s upside-down poll numbers with women voters, sources said. “The polling is very bad. They’re going to have a big problem with female voters,” a Republican who’s been briefed on the internal numbers said. According to a source, Parscale told Trump over the weekend of March 16 that he could improve his standing with women if he dialed back the tweeting. Trump responded with a tweetstorm the following day that included an attack on the late Senator John McCain and a retweet of a user who had promoted the QAnon conspiracy. “Brad went to him and Trump’s response was like 40 tweets,” the source said.


And that’s not even the worst part!

In Parscale’s defense, everything in Trumpworld boils down to family, and sources said Don Jr. is likely to emerge as the campaign’s chief strategist. “Unofficially, Don is the main political adviser,” a Republican close to the campaign said.

If there’s someone to challenge Don Jr.’s primacy at the campaign, it’s Jared KushnerAccording to a source, Kushner has been sending his assistant Avi Berkowitz to high-level campaign meetings, a move seen as a way to carve out turf.

Wow. Don Jr. or Kushner, huh? Does the sack of macerated assholes still have a chance? What about the heap of gas-soaked rags piled next to the furnace?

Don Jr. and Kush vying for the right to be head of the Trump brain trust. That’s a real battle of the titans, let me tell ya. Can’t wait to see how that one shakes out.


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