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Vanity Fair: Republicans To Cut Loose Trump By Labor Day? Don't You Believe It!

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I think highly of Vanity Fair’s Gabe Sherman, but his latest piece with the information that Moscow MItch is giving Trump until Labor Day to turn things around or he is on his own is complete and utter bullshit.

Nervous Republicans worried about losing the Senate are now debating when to break from Trump. Trump campaign internal polls show Trump’s level of “strong support” dropping from 21 to 17 points since last week, a person briefed on the numbers said. A source close to Iowa Republican Joni Ernst’s campaign said Ernst advisers are upset that a solid seat is now in play. “Joni’s campaign is pissed. They should not be in a competitive race,” the source said. (“This is completely false,” an Ernst campaign spokesperson said in a statement. “Folks are energized about re-electing Joni Ernst, President Trump and the rest of Republican ballot in Iowa this November.”) A Republican strategist close to Mitch McConnell told me that Republicans have Labor Day penciled in as the deadline for Trump to have turned things around. After that, he’s on his own.

What does that exactly mean?  And what it is worth coming out of the most evil man next to Donald Trump?  And you know this leaked from Moscow Mitch.  No way would his name get mentioned in this article without his approval.  Absolutely nothing is what this leak is worth.

Let’s set aside that this self serving bit of bullshit is coming from Moscow Mitch.  Republicans made a deal with the Devil when it comes to Trump.  They have protected him and done his bidding for three and a half years, and their donors and themselves got tax cuts, deregulations of businesses, and lots of whacked out young judges on the bench.  And they got to keep power.

However, Republicans were offered many off ramps from the Highway to Hell, and they ignored all of them.  The last big one was the impeachment vote.  Only Mitt Romney decided to get off on a Rest Area.  The rest kept speeding along that highway.

Well, the Highway to Hell is now littered with Trump’s road kill:  hundreds of thousands of dead Americans.  Along with a shattered economy.  And let’s throw in some very pissed off POC who have had enough of systemic racism.

Considering the majority of Americans don’t care for Trump and his policies, if the Senate Republicans do think they can renege on their deal with the Devil, who the fuck is going to believe them NOW?  Who thinks there is a great untapped swath of undecided “independent” voters in our polarized political system?  If you are unsure or undecided about Trump after three and half years, you are dumber than owl shit.  And I bet those folks could not find their way to a voting booth with a GPS tracker.

And as for those Trump supporters, they will be enraged by the betrayal of their Dear Leader.  And besides that deal with the Devil, the fear of Trump supporters wrath has been the other primary driver for Republican actions or inactions since 2016.  Without those Republican base voters, Republican politicians don’t get into office.

No, this leak by Moscow Mitch is just a head fake.  Some in the Media may buy into it and write up bogus stories of Republicans coming to their senses, but what I think is really going on is this is another “signal” to Trump from Moscow Mitch to do something to change the trajectory of the Trump campaign. 

A signal?  Why the fuck does he have to go to the Media to signal to Trump?  Couldn’t he just call him and tell him “You need to do X, Y, and Z to save your campaign.”?  

It doesn’t exist for Trump unless he sees it on TV or hears about from the Media.  Calling him up or doing an intervention does not work with the orange baboon.  Only the fawning Media is real for Trump.  If he sees something that ruins that fawning, Trump reacts.

Trump is Trump though.  And the coronavirus doesn’t give a shit about Trump.  Labor Day will come and go, and both will keep doing their things.  For Trump, this means never having to change.  For the virus, it means more dead Americans.  Bogus threats from Senate Republicans to abandon Trump will change neither situation.

Trump is on his own after Labor Day my ass.

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