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Vanderbilt Poll Indicates Possible Tied Race In Tennessee Senate Contest.

It’s within the margin of error (+/- 4.9%), but the latest Vanderbilt Polls says that the U.S. Senate race In TN between Bredesen and Blackburn is tied.  I looked up the Vanderbilt Poll done by SSRS. and 538 gives them an A- rating as a polling firm.  And it appears that early voting in TN is higher than in 2014, BUT TN is a red state.  Yes, Bredesen needs to convince Republicans to vote for him.  I will leave it up to TN Kossacks to tell the rest of us what the early voting turnout means.

More than 60,000 ballots have been cast in Davidson County, with Nashville's suburbs in neighboring counties reporting numbers in the thousands too.

Shelby County comes in second with nearly 59,000 early or absentee votes, followed by Knox County with more than 45,000.