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Vaccines for 55% of Americans May Be Ready by Early April

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It may seem optimistic, but if the three vaccine manufacturers currently sending out doses can live up to their announced production levels, there will be enough Covid doses to cover 55% of the entire US population by early April.

As of yesterday, the CDC reports that 51.8 million Americans have received at least one dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. The vaccine makers expect to produce 240 million doses in March. This would amount to about 181 million Americans being vaccinated if at least half the shots of Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines go into new arms.

This would be good enough to vaccinate more than 68% of all those old enough. Trials are being run now for younger people with the expectation the vaccines will be approved for some or most children by this summer. Since children may still spread Covid-19 without symptoms, we will not be at herd immunity levels just yet.

However, this does not consider those who have some immunity after being infected by Covid and recovering. The CDC says this is more than 28 million, but no one really knows. If you take about half that number (since some will be vaccinated) that would add about 4% to the immune list, bringing us to 59%. Enough to slow Covid down somewhat.

Types Cur.+ Projected Production All People % Eligible %
330,000,000 100 80.3%
3/1 vaccinated 51,755,447 15.6% 20.3%
Pfizer March Forecast 120 M 60,000,000 18.1% 22.6%
Moderna March Forecast 100 M 50,000,000 15.2% 18.9%
J&J March Forecast   20 M 20,000,000  6.1%  7.5%
totals 181,755,447 55.1% 68.6%…

President Joe Biden has moved up the day when a vaccine will be available for all adult Americans who wants it. A huge win for him if we pull it off.

President Biden said Tuesday that by the end of May, the United States will have enough coronavirus vaccine doses for “every adult in America” who wants one, a goal that he previously projected would be achieved by July.

More Covid news:…

J&J will ship nearly 4 million doses of the one-shot vaccine around the United States this week and expects to deliver another 16 million doses later this month. But none is expected to go out next week.

“The first doses come from a smaller plant, which we could start up earlier,” J&J Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels said in an interview. “The big plant is on board, the FDA is looking at all the quality data and hopefully very quickly, we’ll be able to get approval to ship from that plant and then we get going.”…March 2 (Reuters) – Merck & Co Inc will help make rival Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot COVID-19 vaccine, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday, citing senior officials from the Biden administration.…A single dose of either the AstraZeneca–Oxford vaccine or the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 shot cuts the risk of hospital admission among older adults by more than 80% percent, Public Health England (PHE) said, citing a preprint study.

A World Health Organization panel has officially advised against the use of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-inflammatory drug previously touted by the Trump administration, for patients infected with COVID-19.

A World Health Organization panel has officially advised against the use of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-inflammatory drug previously touted by the Trump administration, for patients infected with COVID-19.


Day Delivered Total Shots 1st Shot           % of Pop 2nd Shot           % of Pop
3/1 102,353,940 78,631,601 51,755,447          15.6% 26,162,122               7.9%
2/28 96,402,490 76,899,987
50,732,997         15.3%
25,466,405               7.7%
2/27 96,402,490 75,236,003
49,772,180           15%
24,779,920               7.5%
2/26 96,402,290 72,806,180 48,435,536          14.6% 23,698,627               7.1%
2/25 94,300,910 70,454,064 47,184,199          14.2% 22,613,359               6.8%
2/24 91,673,010 68,274,117 46,074,392          13.9% 21,555,117               6.5%
2/23 88,669,035 66,464,947 45,237,143         13.6% 20,607,261               6.2%
2/22 82,114,370 65,032,083 44,544,969         13.4%
19,882,544               6%
2/21 75,205,940 64,177,474 44,138,118 19,438,495
2/20 75,204,965 63,090,634 43,628,092 18,865,319
(The CDC allows a three day window for reporting vaccinations)

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