COVID Oregon Teachers

Vaccinate Teachers Next, and deflate the Reactionaries.

Oregon will push teachers to the front of the line for the next round of the vaccine.  Schools can re-open.  Children can return to school, and Workers can return to work.

Politically, this defuses the biggest right wing talking point; the closed schools.…

Personally, having a science teacher son, I have a son in this fight, in another state.

I feel the pain and conflict of workers who cannot work unless the schools are open as sort of a day care.   

The words weigh heavy and don’t flow easily. Where my son teaches, no kid can afford to miss school even for a day. Now the school-less months go by. Some kid fall far behind and hate school.  Meanwhile a flood of bills drown their unemployed  parents.

Vaccinate the teachers ASAP, reopen the schools, please.