VA-Sen: Mark Warner (D) Goes After Trump's Attempts To Cover Up The Mueller Report

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Mark Warner’s (D. VA) re-election campaign:

Did you see the latest news about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report? I couldn't believe it when I saw news coverage saying the Administration would submit a summary, rather than the full report, to Congress.

A summary isn't going to cut it. Congress needs to see the full report, with an eventually declassified report made available for the public to read. 

If you believe in transparency and the rule of law, I want you to add your name and join me in opposing any attempt by this Administration to cover up the Mueller report. 

Look, I don't know what the Special Counsel's report will say, but the notion that the Trump Administration plans to lock it up, send Congress “a summary,” and keep the public in the dark is just unacceptable. 

I want you to stand with me and send this President a message: Congress needs to see the Mueller report, and then an unclassified version should be released to the public. Will you sign on and join me today?

This isn't about Republicans and Democrats, or being pro-Trump or anti-Trump. It's about transparency and protecting the rule of law. 

>>> Add your name today. 


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