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VA-Sen: Khizr Khan Helps Tim Kaine (D) Get Ready To Defeat White Supremacist Corey Stewart (R)


Received this e-mail today Khizr Khan in support of U.S. Senator Tim Kaine’s (D. VA) re-election campaign:

Tim Kaine is my Senator and I am grateful for that.

I trust his wisdom and leadership. I trust his judgment. I always know that Senator Kaine will aim to do the right thing and represent not just my best interests, but those of every Virginian.

Because of this, I’ve donated to his re-election, I’ve volunteered my time at his offices, and I go to events for his campaign when he comes to my town. It’s also why I’m writing you today:

  • — Senator Kaine’s staff tells me that this is his most critical month. They need to hit their goal before the deadline is closed to fund the next two months of the campaign.
  • — I also know that the actions we do as citizens matter. Speaking up, supporting, and donating to campaigns can decide elections.

So today I’m asking you to join me in supporting Tim Kaine so he meets his fundraising deadline and can fully fund a Democratic victory in my home state. Will you chip in $5 to help him close the gap?

It is so important that Senator Kaine can continue to serve and defend Virginia’s values and protect our basic rights, i.e. health care, sustainable wages for Virginians, our environment, safe schools and neighborhoods for our children, support for veterans and veterans’ families, and upholding our constitutional order – all of which are under attack by the current administration in Washington.

He has done so admirably for many years, and I would like him to represent me for many more. I’ve spoken at the Democratic Convention and campaigned for Democrats across the country, but this is personal for me as a Virginian.

This is my Senator. He knows my family, he knows our loss, and he knows our mission now to elect representatives who will advance our true, shared American values. We are a Gold Star family that has made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and we are also a proud Virginia family.

We need to re-elect Senator Kaine and Democratic congressional candidates in Virginia. I hope you’ll help today.


Khizr Khan

Click here to donate to Kaine’s re-election campaign.