US Senate. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) is riding the wave. Let's keep her in “the curl.”

You want to hang onto the dream of retaking the Senate this year? Well, that road runs directly through Nevada. And right now, Democratic challenger Jacky Rosen is hitting every note that a political Beethoven could have written pitch perfectly.

Jacky Rosen has had the chance to run a dream campaign. She had no competition in the primary, and was up early on the airwaves, running positive ads introducing her to the rest of the state, and outlining her positions and accomplishments. Remarkably, although Rosen is a first term House member, Dean Heller refused to crawl out of his hole to attack her on the airwaves, letting her record and her narrative go unchallenged. 

It’s only gotten better. Jacky Rosen was up almost immediately after the primary with ads attacking Dean Heller’s miserable record. And to my practiced eye, her ads deserve a Clio, or whatever the annual awards for advertisements are. She hit pure gold with the catchy, bumper sticker slogan of “Senator Spineless,” hammering Heller for his flip flop on healthcare. There are several of these that have tun, but here’s my personal favorite;


Jacky Rosen has not been shy about putting her name on her ads. The majority of her ads up and running have the disclaimer “I’m Jacky Rosen, and I approve this commercial.” I have only seen one commercial with the Heller seal of approval. In it, he attacked Rosen for being at the border for a photo op on the day that the House voted on the Agent Orange measure, slamming her for putting politics ahead of veterans. Within days, Rosen was up with a scathing rebuttal, featuring actual Nevada veterans lauding her performance, and taking Heller to the wood shed over his pathetic veterans voting record.

Jacky Eosen has done her ground work, she raised more than $7 million in the third quarter alone, and she isn’t afraid to spend it. But that doesn’t mean that Dean Heller is sitting around twiddling his thumbs. While he may not be spending his own campaign money, probably feathering his nest, he’s drawing heavily from his Judas Ewe $100 million bribe from Mitch McConnell for his healthcare vote.The good news is that the ads don’t seem to be very effective, especially since they can’t advocate for Heller directly, and can only tear Rosen down instead.

Jacky Rosen is playing to her strengths in this campaign, and they are the right strengths. She is strong on veterans, healthcare, education, clean energy, and would have given the heave-ho to Brett Kvanaaugh. And one of her ads highlighted the point that she stood up to Nancy Pelosi on reforming the VA, an important point since Yertl the Turtle’s ads have been known to try to paint her as just another Pelosi stooge.

If you want to climb the Senate stairway to heaven on November 6th, Jacky Rosen is the first step. This isn’t just a race that we must win, it’s a race that we should win. Due to the fact that Nevada is normally unimportant in national politics, polling is as erratic as it is sporadic. The most recent polls show anywhere from Heller +2 to Rosen +4. To learn more about Jacky, and her positions, you can visit her website HERE. To help her to offset Ditch McConnell’s blood money, you can donate HERE. And if you love the idea of getting involved in the struggle hands on, you can volunteer HERE. We can do this.