Uppity Black Woman Tells White Man” Shut Your Mouth!”

Oh, the horror! A Black woman put a White man in his place!

Jim Jordan Told to ‘Shut Your Mouth’ After Ranting Endlessly at Fauci

Rep. Maxine Waters, chair of the House Coronavirus Crisis Subcommittee, had to intervene when Jim “Gym” Jordan wouldn’t stop ranting at Dr. Fauci after his time had expired. And she did in language sure to enrage every White Supremacist (which is the only mode they operate in anyway, so how can we tell?):

Jordan ranted at Fauci for several minutes, demanding the doc provide definite answers on when the pandemic will end, when public health mandates will be lifted, and when Americans will have their “liberties” back. “You’re indicating liberty and freedom. I look at it as a public health measure to prevent people from dying and going to hospital,” Fauci said, adding that life will return to normal when people get vaccinated.

Jordan is confusing scientific analysis and prediction with Biblical “absolute” or “predictive” prophecy, like Jeremiah’s “seventy years” (an argument I’m in the middle of). If he got Dr. Fauci to commit to a date, he could then holler and rant when that date passed. If Fauci wouldn’t commit, Gym J. would use that to accuse him — as he did — of keeping people from their “freedumbs.” Anyway. . .

When Jordan complained that no one was allowed to criticize Fauci, he shot back: “You’re making this a personal thing.” Jordan claimed he wasn’t but Fauci said, “You are, that’s exactly what you’re doing.” Jordan kept ranting after his time expired, prompting Waters to yell, “You need to respect the chair and shut your mouth!” [emphasis added]

Respect? A Black woman? Who does she think she is, anyway? A subcommittee chair or some such?

Oh, and Fauci wasn’t fazed, either.

  • April 15, 2021
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