UPDATED:Change Research/CNBC Poll Shows Tight Races In These 6 Swing States (AZ, FL, MI, NC, PA, WI)


UPDATE: Due to the confusing numbers in the Tweet, the poll does show Biden winning nationally but gives Trump a two point lead in the swing states. I have changed the title to better suit it. Apologies again.

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Key Takeaways

  • 68% of voters in the battleground remain seriously concerned about the coronavirus and 52% disapprove of Trump’s handling of the outbreak.
  • Fears about the economic impact of COVID-19 grow and 71% now say that we are in a recession.
  • Majorities say it is important for small businesses (97%) and people who have lost jobs or wages (94%) to receive relief, 74% support recurring direct payments to individuals until the pandemic ends, and 66% support relief to state and local governments.
  • Just 21% say that Trump’s policies in response to COVID favor the middle class and small businesses most.

Voters seriously concerned about COVID and disapprove of Trump’s handling of the crisis

Two-thirds of voters in the key battleground states remain seriously concerned about the coronavirus outbreak. A large majority of Democrats (97%) and independents (66%) remain seriously concerned, but only 39% of Republicans are seriously concerned today (down from 55% two weeks ago). Voters remain more concerned about the impact on their health and safety (65%) than the impact on their family’s financial situation (35%). Over 1 million Americans had been diagnosed with COVID by the end of last week, and 47% of battleground voters reported personally knowing someone with the disease.

Voters give high marks to doctors and medical professionals (88% approve), their employers (82%), and Doctors Fauci and Birx (68% and 58%, respectively) for their handling of COVID. A 52% majority of battleground voters disapprove of President Trump’s handling of the outbreak, and 48% strongly disapprove. According to this poll, Joe Biden would likely win the Electoral College if the election were held today.

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While the battleground states polling shows a tighter race, it’s a nice reminder of where we need to boost turnout in this upcoming election. Let’s make sure Biden’s campaign can do just that. Click here to donate  and get involved with Biden’s campaign.

  • May 6, 2020