Greenland NRCC

Updated: NRCC Fundraises Using T-Shirt of US with Greenland

This is being reported in several places, including Casy Tolan’s twitter feed (he’s a reporter in California, possibly free-lance), The Hill, and MSN. MSN reports that it appears the ad has been removed, and I couldn’t find it on the NRCC website. But the internet never forgets anything, and I was able to find the NRCC ad:


Support President Trump and his efforts to help America grow! Give a gift of $25 or more and we'll send you our new limited-edition shirt!…

Other groups are picking up the story now.

I was going to add some sarcastic observations — and I’m good at those — but this is so outrageous as to be beyond sarcasm. So I’ll just let it speak for itself.