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Unwrapping Bethlehem

If you like short diaries because they get the message across without much fuss, here's one for you.

In London – central London, not some out-of-the-way little suburb – St James Church near Piccadilly Circus has given a bit of its churchyard for use as the site of an artwork and performance series titled “Unwrapping Bethlehem”.  This is a 12-day festival which opened December 23rd.  In looking for write-ups on this project, the Google-thingy directed me to this piece at a website I've never even heard of called Independent Catholic News.  Being an atheist, I was hesitant, but figured what the Hell – information is information.  Here's the scoop:

The world-renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy is one of the performers taking part in a twelve day festival of music, art, poetry, film, comedy, food and dance at St James Church, Piccadilly. The festival opens on Monday 23 December with the unveiling of the 'Bethlehem Feast' a major art installation, created and hosted by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, with lighting design by Willie Williams (who has worked with names including The Rolling Stone, U2, Lady Gaga and Complicite) and the screening of a specially-commissioned film to play on the installation created by Damien Hale, Luke Halls and Sam Pattinson of the Treatment Studio.

Over the course of the 12 days, there will be stand up comedians, music, performance art, movies, paintings, poetry, a FEAST on January 3rd, etc.  Check out the vids below the Linguini D'Kos:

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