In an unhinged manner with a touch of a tantrum, Donald Trump demanded that college football returns at one of his rallies.

Donald Trump unhinged about football

Watch the full episode here.

Once again Donald Trump proves himself a narcissistic petulant child.

“I want football back,” said an unhinged Donald Trump at his rally. “These are young strong guys. They are not going to be affected by the virus.”

The incompetent faux-president then plays the role of a doctor.

“If you look at it,” Trump continues. “It's generally older people. Older people that have heart conditions, that have diabetes, that have problems.”

And then he goes back to his rant and demands.

“I've been calling for football to be back,” he continued. “Big 10, get with it. Open your season. Open up your season Big 10.”

When one is governed by an incompetent president that does not care about the wellbeing of others, this is what you get. But in the presence of a pandemic, he becomes a clear and present danger.

I interviewed a photojournalist this morning from Brooklyn New York who covers protests all over the world. He is athletic. He is a runner among other sports. He got COVID-19 in March and recovered soon after.

The problem is that recovery just meant being COVID-19 negative. He was left with fatigue among other ailments whereas he would be spent after just a few hours. He is at around 25 to 33% of his pre-COVID-18 existence.

Trump wants people to work and entertain him to create a false sense of normalcy. He has the expectation that most will forget that he is responsible for most of the 182,000+ and counting dead Americans. His incompetence and continued disregard for reality and the disregard of the life of others is non-ending.

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