Steve Schmidt did not mince his words as he stated it is not possible for Trump to win. He then enumerated the diseased body that is the administration.

Steve Schmidt: Trump decapitated his own campaign

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For the fearful, those on edge, Steve Schmidt firs went through the technical differences between the Hillary Clinton electoral college loss and the state of the Biden/Trump race today. The internals are much different.

Schmidt then enumerated all ills within the administration in a manner only he could. The Biden team should get him to make a 90-second ad because he would blow it out of the water.

While Steve Schmidt is correct it is important that we keep the pressure up. We do not want a just a marginal win because many think Democrats have the election in the bag. A landslide is required to get the Senate and more Progressives in the house to really create change. A small win where Congress remains crippled guarantees a quick comeback to those who talk a good game but have always been ineffective.

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