So this just happened.  You know how you have an expiring license and you go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and get a new license.  Well it seems starting on July 2 you can’t get your license at the BMV.  Instead they give you a sheet with your photo on it which a policeman can use to call you in if you get stopped.  You have to wait at least two weeks to get your license in the mail.  It was really confusing after three decades driving in Ohio (I had to look it up). I kept thinking, why are they doing this.  I believe they are also doing it for official I.D.s.  They say it is for safety, but why now? It doesn’t make any sense. Everything is on computers and people can get relative information in seconds.

Unless you think that individuals are going to go to the BMV for ID for voting.  A lot of campaigns really ramp up in the last month.  Hmmmm, two weeks wait.  I would bet you a million dollars that people in some areas are going to be waiting longer than two weeks.

I’m pretty aware of what is going on around me. This came as a total surprise and it took some searching on the Internet to find the change.  My guess it is one of a million things we will be dealing with in 2018.

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