#Uncivil on Facebook about #TRE45ON

I was a wee bit inspired by all the diaries today about being #uncivil in the supermarket checkout line. #Uncivil, of course, is what Trump supporters call anyone who speaks out against their bigotry, hatred, and more recently, treason.

I thought I’d share something that happened a few days ago. This wasn’t as cool as it would have been in person, but it was significant for me because I always give my ex-military cop buddies on Facebook a pass whenever they spout rightwing nonsense.  However, after Trump exposed himself as Putin’s puppet during the #TreasonSummit in Helsinki, even my Trump booster friends were smart enough to keep their mouth shut. Except one.

He reposted this from a russian NRA fan club


So I replied with the following:

Sorry, Trump is a traitor.

This led to the following exchange. I am calling the guy “Mike”, but that is not his name. Only a few minor edits made.  Keep in mind this flew by very quickly: I had thought of some better responses afterwards (as I’m sure he did), but still.

It began:

Sorry, check your facts.

Mike, you saw him on live tv. He said Dan Coates, his own intel chief, was wrong and “he had Putin”.

As Neil Cavuto said, Trump is “disgusting”.

I see where you get your narrow minded news from.

Live television is fake news?

Got a few HaHa emojis for that one…

Neil is Fox News, BTW. 

You are my brother in arms, but I respectfully disagree about Trump.

No, what’s disgusting is people that hate Trump is President so much they wake up

everyday knowing he is doing something that they don’t agree with and just wait to see what it will be.


Where was the outrage when Obama was caught telling the Russians”wait until after the election, I’ll have more flexibility”?

Where was the outrage about Hillary selling nuclear materials to our “enemy” the Russians?

Jeez, talk about checking facts…

Why do people believe that we must be on the

verge of war with Russia at all times?

I don’t recall Obama spitting in the face of his law enforcement and intel agencies… I don’t recall Obama licking the boots of Putin. Trump is an asset. You can choose to ignore that Mike…. but that is reality. And if Obama kowtowed like Trump did, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be telling me how good it was.

It’s just my opinion, but I’d like to have a President that tries to avoid confrontation with a nuclear power, yet still strengthens the American economy.

I was in the process at this point posting a tweet from Joe Walsh:

Joe walsh is a tea party conservative republican

I found this significant because Walsh is the one who pushed for armed rebellion if Trump lost the election.

Good for Walsh.

Do your own research and form your own opinion.

I told you I saw him on live television and you know exactly what my opinion is… I’m saying my opinion is shared by a lot of people on the left and right. There has to be a breaking point… even for Trump supporters.

or is there? is there anything he can say or do?

I think he could be seen giving Putin the launch codes and I’d still be told how good that is for America.

The tax cuts were nice… but they are temporary for us… permanent for corporations… and the tariff war he started has more than wiped out any benefit you would have seen. None of this matters to me as much as he grovels to Putin. The russians have something on him… or he is just a coward.

I never said I agree with everything about Trump.
Can you name any President that everyone agreed with 100%??

Like I said Mike… I respectfully disagree. You can have the last word. Peace

He ranted on a bit more about nonsense, but the jist of it was that it was somehow Obama’s fault that Trump is a traitor. Another Trump supporter then posted something on his Facebook page lamenting about how uncivil politics has become.

But I haven’t seen any pro-Trump memes since.

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