UNBELIEVABLE: Delusional voter supporting Trump because of a great economy. Major Media fail!

That a former 2016 Gary Johnson voter would vote for Donald Trump because she believes the economy is better & he kept promises is a media fail.

Trump didn't fulfill promises & the economy is in depression, period.

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It is hard to believe that any person living through the COVID-19 pandemic can be delusional enough to believe we live in a good Trump economy. Of course, the problem is when one watches TV, it seems like it is just another day.

A few years ago wrote the piece “Americans must stop suffering in silence if change is to come” with the following.

Drive down the streets of your neighborhood. There are thousands of stories that would emanate out of those homes and apartments. There are millions of people preoccupied about their future. Will they have health care? Will they ever be able to retire when their bodies begin to give out? Will they have the ability to help their kids through college? Will they have the capacity to pass on anything to the next generation.?

As America stands today, the answer is an absolute no for most Americans. The plutocracy continues to find ways to take away wealth building from most. Americans used to accumulate most of their wealth in their homes. As more and more struggle with low pay and lack of pensions, the plutocracy was ready to give the American home-owning-middle-class a way out at a cost, your home via the reverse mortgage.

Donald Trump may be a blessing in disguise. Americans are used to politicians telling us how they will solve our problems. The reality is they can't because they are unable to empathize with the problems of everyday Americans. Likewise, the puppeteers, the plutocracy constrains the majority of the politicians. Americans must see that no one is going to save us but ourselves. The transformation will begin only as we start to believe in our worth and assert it by demanding what is ours, by hitting the streets, forcing the hands of our representatives, and electing progressives who have the interests of the populace at heart.

Suffering in silence is a disservice to us all. It ensures that many can remain delusional about the reality of the horrendous conditions for a large percentage of Americans.

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  • October 11, 2020