Ukraine: What you need to know

Are we heading to another war? Is Putin repeating European history that could lead us into another world war? I don’t know. As citizens, it is in our interest to hear all sides of the debate.

I wanted to bring you more in-depth coverage of Ukraine above and beyond the shallow and repetitious scope in the mainstream media. In the last week, I interviewed several people about Ukraine. Please make sure to share this email so that everyone can understand the Ukraine issue.

The Nation’s Publisher Katrina Vanden Heuvel discusses Ukraine & more about our political state.

Katrina pointed out several issues that the mainstream media seldom covers. One need not wonder why.

  1. How does the Bush/Baker broken promise on NATO expansion play into the current debacle?
  2. How does the need of the defense industrial complex play into the mobilization of troops and ammunition given America’s less than surreptitious exit from Afghanistan? That was likely a hell of a blow to the defense industrial complex.
  3. What parallels can one draw if we had similar geopolitical influences on our borders?

Norman Solomon discusses America’s misguided Russia/Ukraine policy that all should heed.

Norman Solomon discusses his article “U.S. hypocrisy on Ukraine paralyzes media, Congress — and even progressive Democrats.”

Norman Solomon started his article with an admonishment of the media.

Hidden in plain sight, the extreme hypocrisy of the U.S. position on NATO and Ukraine cries out for journalistic coverage and open debate in major American media outlets. But those outlets, with rare exceptions, have gone into virtually Orwellian mode, only allowing elaboration on the theme of America good, Russia bad.

Terrell Jermaine Starr gives the perspective of the Ukraine Russia conflict Americans need to hear.

Mr. Starr first gave a history of Ukraine and its many rulers. He then made it clear that while there are issues with a seemingly NATO encroachment on Russia, an attack on Ukraine would be another power grab by Russia. NATO would never threaten Russia as it would be lousy for business worldwide.

Starr lays out a narrative that the mainstream media never articulate. More importantly, his take is complex and not sympathetic to NATO, the U.S., or Russia.

Former Bush advisor Condi Rice believes Biden is doing the right thing by Ukraine.

A former Bush official, Condi Rice, agrees that President Biden has the right Ukraine policy. How will the Right react?

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  • February 22, 2022