Ukraine Agrees To Russia Friendly “Compromise”, Hours Later State Dept Approves Sales of Javelins.

Hours after Ukrainian President Zelensky agrees to Steinmeier Formula, which requires Ukrainian forces to withdraw from the disputed Donbass region which Russia invaded in 2015, Republicans in Congress and the Trump State Dept. joined Democrats in allowing the sale of $39M worth of Javelin anti-tank missiles that Zelensky was so anxious about in his July 25th phone call to Trump.

Some are not at all happy with this development.

MacKay is not a known quantity to me, but Julia Davis is…

…Davis is an invaluable source for info on what is going on in the Russian media.

If you peruse MacKay’s thread he makes some pretty strong accusations about the comedian President of Ukraine, but they are opinion, so I won’t post them here.

Still the timing of these two events has my radar up.

Is Zelensky a pragmatist, just seeking to protect the rest of the Ukraine from Putin’s aggression…  

Or is he Ukraines’s Neville Chamberlain?

One thing I know, Trump is Putin’s stooge.