UH HUH! WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to FOX News' Peter Doocy: That's a Ridiculous Question

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Fox News White House correspondent. Peter Doocy, has suffered innumerable humiliations due to his persistently shallow and starkly partisan questions. He spent two years being spanked by former White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, and now the same thing is happening with current Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.

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There’s a reason that Doocy repeatedly engages in preposterous propaganda. There’s a reason that he never tires of making a fool of himself. There’s a reason that he’s always around when a new distraction needs to be invented. The reasons are always built around the same idiocies. And even President Biden has observed it and commented on it…

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On Wednesday Doocy sought to land what he surely thought was a punishing “gotcha” question. Instead, he sputtered out an inquiry that didn’t even make sense. And Jean-Pierre dispatched it quickly in this exchange…

Doocy: Following up on your comment that there’s an alarming number of Republicans who are saying they are not going to accept election results, Does that mean President Biden thinks it is a threat to democracy if somebody votes Republican?
Jean-Pierre: No, that’s a ridiculous question.
Doocy: Why is that a ridiculous question?
Jean-Pierre: Because the American people should have the right to vote for whoever they want. That voting is a sacred right. It is something that the President wants to protect at every turn. And he has done that. He has taken actions to protect the right to vote. And you see Democrats in Congress also doing the work to protect the right to vote.

The tortured “logic” of Doocy’s question is difficult to find. There are in fact “an alarming number of Republicans who [won’t] accept election results.” And, by definition, those Republicans can pose a threat to democracy if they act on their manifestly anti-democratic views. But that doesn’t mean that Biden thinks it’s a threat to democracy if someone votes for any Republican. Unlike many Republicans, Biden believes exactly what Jean-Pierre said: that people have the right to vote for whoever they chose.

Biden isn’t opposed to the two party system. Rather he, like most Americans, is opposed to opportunistic, demagogic politicians who seek to undermine democracy in order to obtain power in defiance of the will of the people. Doocy is apparently too dense to be able to grasp these concepts. Which is why he keeps getting smacked down every time he tries to inject his biases into his pitifully partisan questions.

However, Doocy’s incompetence is precisely why Fox News gave him the job. He is fulfilling the Fox mission to always contrive crackpot controversies. So this may be a good time to present a reminder of…

Some of Doocy’s Past Embarrassments…

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  • November 2, 2022