Received this e-mail from U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D. VA):

I'm going to ask you to pitch in $10 to our efforts to flip Virginia's General Assembly. Here's why:

This November, all 140 seats — 40 in the Virginia Senate and 100 in the House of Delegates — are up.

Right now, Republicans hold a 21-19 majority in the Senate and a 51-49 majority in the House of Delegates. That means we're in spitting distance of flipping not just one but both legislative chambers.

That would be a really big deal for families all across the Commonwealth. If we can break out of our current legislative gridlock, our representatives in Richmond can put into action so many of the ideas that we've been working on together.

After Democrats made huge gains in the historic 2017 elections, we saw incredible results. 400,000 more Virginians have access to health care! So just imagine what we'll see if we can go beyond re-electing our strong Democrats and actually flip those final few seats.
I'm ready.

If you are too, I'm asking you to make an online donation today to help make it happen. Your contribution will go directly to some of the organizations that are on the front lines of this fight: the Virginia House Democratic Caucus and the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus. They're working every day to support our incumbent Democrats and our determined challengers — but they need your help.

Follow this secure link to make your contribution before April's end-of-month deadline:

When my friend Terry McAuliffe told the world that he was forgoing a presidential run to focus his efforts at home in the Commonwealth, he said that his heart was in Virginia. Well, so is mine. And together, we can show the rest of the country that Virginia truly is a place that works for all.
Thanks for stepping up today.


Click here to donate to flip the Virginia General Assembly from Red to Blue.

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