TX-Sen: Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D. IL) Helps Fellow Veteran MJ Hegar (D) Beat John Cornyn (R)

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D. IL) in support of MJ Hegar’s (D. TX) U.S. Senate campaign:

Saddle up, my friend MJ Hegar is running for Senate in Texas.

Chip in now to help MJ Hegar get her campaign off to a strong start. She needs us on her team.

MJ and I have a lot in common. She’s also a mom of two young kids, a pilot and a Veteran.

During her two tours in Afghanistan, MJ’s plane was shot down and she was injured to the point where she couldn’t fly anymore. But at the time, women were excluded from serving in combat roles on the ground, so MJ was barred from reaching the next step in her career.

So what did she do? She sued the Pentagon and won, opening the door for hundreds of thousands of other women to compete for elite ground combat jobs. That’s the kind of Senator Texans deserve: someone who will fight for them, both overseas and at home, so no one has a door closed on their dreams.

What’s more, MJ’s Republican opponent, John Cornyn, is nothing but Mitch McConnell’s lackey in the Senate. He hasn’t faced a tough race in his entire career. Sam, it’s about time we change that. If you want to help:

Make an early donation here and be among the first to show your support for MJ Hegar’s campaign to beat John Cornyn and win for Texas families.

I know MJ will be an important ally for me in the Senate as we work together to protect our Veterans and advance the interests of all American women — but first, we need to get her to Washington.

Let’s do this,

— Tammy

Click here to donate to Hegar’s campaign.

  • April 30, 2019