TX-Sen: New Poll Has Bad News For John Cornyn (R), Confirms Texas Senate Race A Toss Up

Here’s the latest news out of Texas today courtesy of Univision News-University of Houston poll:

In the Texas U.S. Senate race, Senator John Cornyn, a Republican, held an advantage of one percentage point among Texas voters over any Democratic candidate. Forty-one percent of Texas voters said they planned to vote for Cornyn and 40 percent said they would vote for a Democratic candidate.

Texas Latino voters prefer any Democratic Senate candidate over Cornyn. Twenty-two percent of Latino voters said they would vote for Cornyn, while 58 percent said they would vote for a Democratic candidate.

Overall, 38 percent of all Texans had a very favorable or somewhat favorable impression of Cornyn, and 24 percent who held an unfavorable impression of him.

Election analysts are watching the reactions of Latino voters in Texas with a critical eye ahead of the 2020 election, and some believe Latino voters can make a crucial difference in the election’s outcome.

Twenty-eight percent of eligible Texas voters are Hispanic, according to the Pew Research Center, and the number of Texas Latinos who actually vote has been rising.

The poll also shows the top Democratic Presidential candidates beating Trump in the Lone Star State. In other Texas-related news:

State Sen. Pat Fallon, R-Prosper, announced Monday evening he is exploring a primary challenge to U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, potentially giving the state's senior senator his most prominent intraparty opponent yet.

Fallon, a former state representative elected to the Texas Senate last year, told a Tea Party group here that he was forming an exploratory committee and moving on a quick timeline, hoping to have a conversation with GOP voters over the next few days. Fallon said that for six months, he had been hoping that a “viable conservative choice” would step up to take on Cornyn, but that person never emerged.

Addressing the True Texas Project, formerly the NE Tarrant Tea Party, Fallon pitched himself as a U.S. Senate candidate who would bring more energy and conviction to the fight that awaits Republicans in the general election. At one point, he said he hoped to galvanize Republicans much like Beto O'Rourke revved up Democrats last year in his closer-than-expected loss to the state's junior senator, Ted Cruz.

“What would happen in Texas if we can finally have a candidate — a new one — that energized the right?” Fallon said. “That gave everybody in this room something to believe in, to say, 'This person, I believe that they care, I believe that they will do as they say,' and I have an eight-year record to prove that. You don’t have to take that leap of faith — compare our records.”

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