TX-Sen: MJ Hegar (D) Talks With Elle Magazine How Son Convinced Her To Run Against John Cornyn (R)

Elle Magazine has a great profile piece out about U.S. Senate MJ Hegar (D. TX). She talks about how after very narrowly losing a very red congressional district in 2018, she decided to move on from politics and not for office again. But all that changed after having a discussion with her four-year-old son:

Fast forward a year, and friends started encouraging me to look at running for Senate. Again, I started with no. Then my four-year-old son said something to me. I guess we had successfully described to him why mommy was running for Congress, and he asked, “Mommy, are you still MJ for Texas?” I said, “No, mommy's just working now, just your mommy.” He thought about it for a second, and I know this sounds crazy, but he said, “Does that mean that you're done protecting me? That the world is safe now?”

I thought, fuck. No, I'm not done protecting you. Of course not. That's when I started going, let me look at this and see if this is something that I should do.

You have to understand, before starting the congressional race, I was working full-time. I had a couple of months of bills in our savings account, and I ended the race with that depleted. That's where I would be starting this Senate campaign, and that terrified me. I was still against it until my husband said, “Maybe you're not the only person who could beat John Cornyn, but a lot of the other people talking about running can't.” It was going to take a fighter who can build a broad coalition of support across Texas. I grew up in rural Texas. I'm a gun owner. I voted for John Cornyn in 2002. It would take someone with my profile to beat him.

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  • September 18, 2020