Received this. e-mail today. from MJ Hegar’s (D. TX) U.S. Senate campaign:

I’m a working mom with two young kiddos and, like many Texans, I’ve had to leave work to take care of them when they’re sick. But right now there are tons of working Texans out there who can’t make that choice because staying home means they lose their job.

That’s why I support paid family leave and paid sick leave as a worker’s right — to make sure that no one is forced to go to work while sick or leave a sick family member alone at home in order to pay the bills. It’s more urgent now than ever. I’m putting together a petition calling on Sen. Cornyn to support paid family leave and paid sick leave for everyone, and I need you with me.

As your Senator, I promise to fight for the rights of working Texans — but right now, Sen. Cornyn needs to get off his backside and make sure everyone has the ability to take paid family and sick leave.

Add your name if you think that Sen. Cornyn should get to work to actually help workers through this crisis and beyond.

Thank you for adding your support!
— MJ

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Hegar has also been slamming Texas Republicans for exploiting the Coronavirus epidemic to pass more strict anti-abortion laws:

Politicians in Texas are exploiting this pandemic to ruthlessly attack our reproductive rights by attempting to halt abortion services across the state. Millions of Texas women are facing very real threats to their health and economic livelihood, and I will not stand idly by and watch this happen.

Sign my petition to call on the state to protect reproductive rights!

Reproductive health care is medically necessary and essential, and we should never tell women that their health is secondary. I went through two difficult pregnancies, and I am so grateful politicians weren’t standing between me and my doctor during deeply personal conversations. We CANNOT take away these services, especially in a time when the country is facing a dangerous pandemic.

Thank you for joining me to protect our reproductive freedom.


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