From the San Antonio Current:

A new fundraising email from Sen. John Cornyn confirms that the Texas Republican’s 2020 reelection strategy can be summed up thusly: all in with Team Trump.

In the email — shared on Twitter by Texas Tribune writer Patrick Svitek — Trump’s new BFF begs potential donors to pony up cash so he can continue blaming China for the coronavirus pandemic and defend the president’s record.

“I am planning on spreading the word to as many Texas voters as possible that CHINA is to blame, NOT President Trump… but a voter contact operation of the scale [sic] is expensive,” the email states before requesting a $10 donation.

At the very minimum, the email seems to rip a page out of the Trump playbook: if you fuck shit up, blame someone else.

The Democratic Primary runoff between MJ Hegar (D. TX) and Royce West (D. TX) is on July 14th. Please do click below to donate and get involved with the Texas Democrat of your choice:

MJ Hegar

Royce West

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