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“But I didn’t come here to wave a white flag,” Cornyn continued in his video segment. “I believe President Trump will win Texas, win the election and continue to lead America back into an era of prosperity and growth. Why? Because he has me. And because he has you. And our Texas delegates don’t want to just win. They want to win big.”

He touted his role during the Trump era as “one of the leaders in confirming 200 highly qualified and highly respected constitutional conservative judges, including two Supreme Court justices. Mark my words President Trump’s impact on our federal judiciary will be his greatest and most long lasting legacy. We’ve also passed the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, USMCA, a huge economic boon for the state of Texas and for America. We’ve also reformed our broken tax code, and enabled Texas’s families and small businesses to keep more of what they earn.

“We have to keep the Senate majority in order to defend and build on the successes,” he said.

This scumbag isn’t the only one trying to help save Trump from losing Texas:

In a 68-page ruling Friday, U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia of San Antonio found that Texas continues to violate the federal National Voter Registration Act by not allowing residents to register to vote when they update their driver’s license information online.

Garcia found that DPS is “legally obligated” to allow voters to simultaneously register to vote with every license renewal or change-of-address application, and ordered the state to set up a “fully operable” online system by Sept. 23. The Texas attorney general’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the state is likely to appeal the ruling.

It's the second time Garcia has sided with the voter, former English professor Jarrod Stringer. Garcia's first ruling was overturned on appeal on a technicality.

Or this doofus:

Until now, the fight over voting by mail in Texas during the coronavirus pandemic has focused on which voters are eligible to cast an absentee ballot. Now, the battle has progressed to an argument between the state and its most populous county over who can even receive the form to apply for a mail-in ballot.

In a letter dated Aug. 27, Keith Ingram, director of elections for the Texas secretary of state, told Harris County to “immediately halt” its plans to send every registered voter in the county an application for a mail-in ballot for the general election. Ingram demanded the county drop its plan by Monday to avoid legal action by the Texas attorney general.

Sending out the applications “would be contrary to our office’s guidance on this issue and an abuse of voters’ rights under Texas Election Code Section 31.005,” Ingram wrote, citing a provision of state law that gives the secretary of state’s office power to take such action to “protect the voting rights” of Texans from “abuse” by local officials responsible for administering elections.

Last week, PPP showed us that Texas is indeed competitive for Trump and Biden:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden emerged from his national convention with a 1 percentage point lead in Texas over Republican President Donald Trump, a poll scheduled for wide release on Tuesday shows.

The results from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, obtained Monday by the USA TODAY Network, shows Biden's small lead coming from his strength among female and minority voters, plus those with four years of college or more.

Overall, among the 764 registered voters contacted randomly on Friday and Saturday after last week's Democratic National Convention, 48% said they plan to vote for Biden while 47% are for Trump. Four years ago, Trump carried Texas by 9 percentage points to keep alive the GOP's winning streak in Texas that began in 1980.

And polling this month has showed a tightening Senate race between Cornyn and MJ Hegar (D. TX):

Among all voters, Republican John Cornyn’s vote intention is 44.4%while Democrat MJ Hegar’s vote intention is 37.4%.  Libertarian Party candidate Kerry McKennon and Green Party candidate David Collins are preferred by 3.3% and 2.0% respectively, while 12.9% of voters remain unsure about their U.S. Senate vote choice.

Among the most likely voters, Cornyn’s vote intention is 46.8% and Hegar’s 40.7%, with 7.7% undecided and 3.6% and 1.3% intending to vote for McKennon and Collins respectively.

Among Anglos, Cornyn leads Hegar by more than a two to one margin, 58.2% to 25.1%, with 10.0% undecided.  Among Hispanics, Hegar has the advantage over Cornyn, 42.4 % to 33.8%, with nearly one out of every five Hispanics (19.4%) still unsure about for whom to vote.  Hegar enjoys a more than 10 to 1 advantage over Cornyn among African Americans, 76.3% to 7.1%, with 15.2% undecided.

As is highlighted in Table 14 below, 28.9% of respondents (31.1% of Hispanics) did not know enough about Hegar to have an opinion about her, compared to half as many (13.4%)who didn’t know enough about Cornyn.  As Hegar becomes better known among Texas voters, the proportion who remain undecided should decrease, which, if present ethnic/racial voting patterns hold would benefit Hegar given the higher proportion of Hispanic and African American voters than Anglo voters who are presently unsure about who to vote for in the 2020 Texas U.S. Senate race.

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