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TX-Sen: Beto O'Rourke, “Cornyn (R) is the single greatest enabler of Donald Trump in the Senate”

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Loving this:

Joining forces with MJ Hegar, Beto O’Rourke blasted Sen. John Cornyn Thursday night as “the single greatest enabler of Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate”— urging Texans to oust the three-term Republican to save the nation from a lawless and dangerous president.

“If you want to end not only Donald Trump but Trumpism in America, it is essential that we defeat John Cornyn,” O’Rourke, a former El Paso congressman who came within a whisker of ousting the state’s junior senator, Ted Cruz, two years ago, said on a Zoom fundraiser event with Hegar.

Citing Cornyn’s acquittal votes in Trump’s impeachment trial, he added, “He’s just so craven and so complicit in the destruction of our democracy and potentially the end of this republic.”

Hegar joined the pile-on, calling Cornyn a “spineless bootlicker” whose refusal to stand up to Trump offends Texans who want independent-minded leaders. “The truth hurts …. People would rather vote for the ass-kicker than the bootlicker.”

Texas Democrats have been fighting hard to register voters to flip Texas Blue:

After seeing record turnout for this year’s primaries and runoffs, Texas Democrats are striving for even higher numbers in the general election.

They have a large pool from which to draw.

There are an estimated 5 million people eligible to vote in Texas, but not registered. Many are Latinos and other people of color as well as young people, said Luke Warford, Texas Democratic Party director of voter expansion.

On Monday, the start of Texas Voter Registration Week, the party planned to start a weeklong voter registration blitz with the goal of connecting with 1 million unregistered voters and starting them on the process of registering.

Even Trump has had to get off his ass and campaign in Texas:

Working to shore up historically red Texas, Republican President Donald Trump's reelection campaign launched a bus tour of the state here Thursday where Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and other surrogates went to pains to argue they are not sweating the state this November.

“Welcome to the Trump bus tour in Texas,” Patrick said in his first remarks to reporters off the bus, before quickly volunteering: “We are absolutely 100% confident that President Donald Trump will carry Texas,” and “solidly” so.

Patrick, the chairman of Trump's 2020 campaign in Texas, was followed by Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson, who insisted the president would “carry the state and carry it well.” Then came another senior adviser, Brad Parscale, who claimed Trump is “in a very good position for Texas” and said he laughs when people approach him with concerns about the state, noting the attention that the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, is paying to it.

And of course the Texas GOP is trying to suppress the vote:

The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily blocked Harris County from sending mail-in ballot applications to all its voters for the November election.

The decision Wednesday came in response to a lawsuit filed days ago by Republicans in the state’s largest county. Attorney General Ken Paxton has since launched his own legal challenge to the plan.

Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins announced last month that the county would send applications to its more than 2.4 million registered voters, an effort to make it easier to participate in the election during the coronavirus pandemic. After being sued by Paxton, Hollins said he would only send applications to voters 65 and older, who are eligible to vote by mail under state law, pending the litigation. A spokesperson said Wednesday that those plans haven't changed.

We have the GOP running scared in Texas and we have to keep up the momentum. Click below to donate and get involved with Hegar, Biden and their fellow Texas Democrats campaigns:

Joe Biden

Blue Texas PAC

Texas Democratic Party

Texas House Democratic Democratic Campaign Committee

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