TX-Gov: Lupe Valdez (D) Keeps Up The Pressure On Trump's DHS To Reunite Children With Their Families

Received this e-mail from Lupe Valdez’s (D. TX) gubernatorial campaign:

Lupe Valdez (D. TX)


The stories that have come from the U.S.-Mexico border are inhumane and heartbreaking.

Children incarcerated, sleeping in overcrowded spaces without knowing if or when they will see their parents again. An infant ripped from her mother’s arms while breastfeeding. Border agents telling families they’re taking their children “to bathe” and then never returning them.

After weeks of Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security separating families and holding thousands of unaccompanied children in shelters, a court-ordered deadline was set to reunite all families. But that deadline has passed, and still hundreds of children are being held alone with no indication of when they’ll be reunited.

While Governor Abbott silently condones these shameful actions, Lupe is speaking out to defend these migrant families. She’s calling on Trump’s DHS to reunite all families immediately. Will you join her? Add your name here.

The Trump administration and Governor Abbott’s fear-based approach to immigration is inhumane and un-American. These migrant families came to our border because they believed in the hope and promise our country has always offered — and we must treat them with decency.

What’s happening at our border is a humanitarian crisis, and we cannot look the other way. We must keep the pressure on the Trump administration and Governor Abbott until all of these children are reunited with their families.

Friend, add your name right now to call on Trump’s DHS to reunite all families immediately.

Thank you for speaking out,

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