TX-32, NY-22, MN-02, NJ-03 & IL-14: Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D. MA) Helps These Dems Win The House

Received this e-mail from Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D. MA-04):

For the past 18 months, you all have been by my side for one of the biggest fights of our lifetime: the fight to ensure every American has access to quality and affordable health care.

We've banded together as President Trump and Congressional Republicans come at the Affordable Care Act, at Medicaid, and at mental health coverage with everything they've got. We've fought back. But it's time to up the ante.

It's time to hold Republican leaders across the country accountable for their votes to take health care coverage away from millions of Americans. Maybe they thought we'd forget. Maybe they thought they could distract us with tweets and tantrums and one terrible policy after the next.

But they thought wrong.

This November there is an incredible group of Democratic candidates taking on GOP incumbents who voted to take away people's health care last year. These men and women have shown an unshakable commitment to a health care system that is decent, merciful, and fair.

I'm proudly throwing my support behind this group of candidates. We're calling them our 2018 Health Care Heroes. And I'm hoping I can count on you to help them out.

In the coming weeks I'll be introducing you to each of the candidates and telling you more about why I think they deserve our support. With so many competitive races and fantastic candidates out there, I hope this can help guide those of you who care about health care as deeply as I do.

So take a minute to bookmark our Health Care Heroes page here and get an early look at some of the candidates.

Most importantly, stay tuned for more.


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