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TX-23, IL-03 & WV-Gov: PCCC Goes All In For These Elizabeth Warren-Endorsed Democrats

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Received this e-mail from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

Stephen Smith (D. WV)

CBS News reports: “Elizabeth Warren endorses progressive House primary challengers as she rises in polls.”

The challengers are Jessica Cisneros, running to unseat Henry Cuellar in TX-28 and Marie Newman, running against Dan Lipinski in IL-03. Warren also endorsed Stephen Smith, who is running to unseat West Virginia's governor — a billionaire coal mine owner and Trump supporter.

Roll Call reports that “Lipinski and Cuellar are two of three remaining House Democrats who have voted against abortion rights.” The New York Times adds about Cuellar, “In Texas, a lone House Democrat [Cuellar] has an ‘A’ rating from the N.R.A.” and asks “Can He Survive?”

FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver says on Twitter: “Cuellar has by far the most pro-Trump voting record of any Democrat in Congress, relative to his district. So this challenge makes sense and it makes sense for Warren to endorse it.”

Can you donate $3 to fuel the progressive campaigns of Marie Newman, Jessica Cisneros, Stephen Smith, and our work electing progressives like them across the country?

In her endorsement of Jessica Cisneros, Warren stated, “The people of Texas’ 28th district are ready for systematic change and deserve a Democrat that will be on the side of working people; not the side of big money and obstructionist Republicans.”

Cuellar is also an outspoken supporter of the DCCC's blacklist policy that freezes out of future work any campaign professionals who work for progressive challengers out of future work — even if they could help defeat Republicans. Donate $3 to Jessica Cisneros.

In her endorsement of Marie Newman, Warren said “At a time when women’s reproductive rights are under attack daily from Republican lawmakers across America, Illinoisans deserve a leader with an unwavering commitment to fighting for women’s access to reproductive health care. Marie Newman is that leader.”

Marie Newman came 1% away from defeating Lipinski in the 2018 primary. With the help of thousands of PCCC members who have donated over $30,000 to her campaign, she’s aiming to finish the job in 2020. We can't wait — Lipinski opposed Obamacare, opposes a $15 minimum wage, and voted with Republicans to gut Wall Street regulations. He is the epitome of an outdated, out-of-touch Democrat — and also supported by the DCCC's shameful blacklist policy. Donate $3 to Marie Newman.

In her endorsement of Stephen Smith, Warren said, “West Virginia can’t wait any longer for big, structural change…an economy that works for everyone; an education system that is truly led by students and teachers; and a health care system that confronts the opioid crisis head-on. That's why it's no surprise that Stephen and his team are outraising their millionaire and billionaire opponents, combined, without a dime in corporate PAC money.” Donate $3 to Stephen Smith.

Each of these 3 candidates face tough primaries against well-financed opponents with tons of establishment support. But victories in these races will be earthquakes that reverberate across the entire political landscape.

Can you donate $3 to these candidates campaigns and our work electing progressives across the country?

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— The PCCC Elections Team

Click here to donate to Cisneros, Newman and Smith’s campaigns.

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