Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D. TX), inn support of Sima Ladjevardian’s (D. TX-02) campaign:

Sima Ladjevardian (D. TX-02)
Tonight, Dan Crenshaw will be speaking at the Republican National Convention.
It’s only fitting that in a party that has dropped any pretense at a platform, other than supporting anything and everything that Donald Trump does, that Trump’s biggest enabler is taking the stage to address the cult of personality that is today’s Republican party.
While Crenshaw is helping to prop up the man who put kids in cages, the one who described Klansmen and Nazis as “very fine people”… while Crenshaw extols the virtues of a climate denying, openly racist, lawless President who has allowed nearly 180,000 of our fellow Americans to die through his incompetence, Sima will be doing everything she can to help her community and serve her country.
With Sima in office we will not only replace Trump’s mouthpiece in the House, we will have a Congresswoman we can be proud of.
She’ll fight for and help achieve universal healthcare and meet this Covid crisis with the urgency it demands. She’ll ensure that immigrants are once again welcomed to this country and that we uphold our commitment to asylum seekers. She’ll help make Texas a leader in the fight against climate change. And she’ll be accessible to her constituents, transparent in her work and accountable to the people she serves.
Tonight while Crenshaw and Trump double down on this dark chapter in American history, make a stand and support Sima so that we can turn the page and create a better future for Texas and this country.

Click here to donate to Ladjevardian’s campaign.

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