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Two reasons why the police murder of POCs is a societal reflection

It is for many not to take the police officer murder of Atatiana Jefferson personally. Many will accuse those who highlight her murder, the murder of Philando Castile, and many others by cops as some sort of an affront on the police. To be clear, I do not see it that way at all. I think the police are just a reflection of society with the authority to kill where society rarely holds them accountable depending on the victims of their violence.

Some will even bring up the canard of so many more people being killed by the criminal element. Unsaid is that the police are supposed to be the security that as a society we purchased like an insurance policy against that. When one cannot trust their insurance policy then what is left? Society at large is complicit.

We cannot control the hearts or impulses of people. Accountability, however, ensures that they think how much of their violence they are willing to exert given the consequences. So far they have little to worry about.

All police officers are a reflection of society. Some actuate two cancers that are fatal to POCs too many times.

First, there are the racist cops that are just looking for a kill that has a semblance of justification. They have innate hate of some and they have the power to act on it knowing there is a willful population out there that will support them.

Second, there are cops that should not be cops. Society, our new programming, Hollywood, the FBI data would have many believe that POCs and black men, in particular, are more dangerous. As such, out of an unwarranted irrational fear they shoot much more readily at a POC than at a white person.

I covered this entire subject on Politics Done Right today.

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