I don’t think many people can accuse me of being a Biden fan.  When he says something stupid, I call him out on it.  But sometimes he reminds me of just what a different league he is in compared to Donald J Trump.  I was moved by two things he did last week. 

One was a quick interaction with a fan in an elevator:


The other was this powerful ad about fighting for the soul of our nation:


I have to admit, his ads have been hitting it out of the park. The one he did about the world laughing at Trump really got under Trump’s skin, and the one on his son is touching and reminds everyone that empathy used to reside at the White House.

Personally, and just speaking for me, I’m leaning towards Warren and Koblaucher. And as always, I will support, donate, canvass and vote for ANYONE who is the choice to run against Trump. Yet if it ends up being Joe, I’m going to be supporting him a bit more enthusiastically than before.

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