I blogged two Daily Kos articles recently and titled them respectively “NFL player & friends asked to leave Chipotle ’cause white customer uncomfortable.’” and “A Black pregnant woman dragged out of her car by a cop and tased on her stomach.” There were similarities in that the racial component was there.

The differences were what the aggrieved did. The NFL player put his pride aside because he was thinking about his family at home and intended to stay as far away from the police as possible, justifiably.

The young woman was just fed up and not willing to accept the indignity of having to explain herself knowing she did nothing illegal and that likely a white person would not be treated that way.

Neither was wrong in their action. But the young woman could have become the sacrifice for the movement against evil policing. In fact, the video and the arrest of the police proved it.

Two people faced with racism react differently

Watch full episodes here.

I used these two stories to provide a narrative I hope will tease the empathy out of the unempathetic part of the majority population who seem to believe the police can do no wrong.

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