Two black men kicked out of Illinois Walmart, presumably for wearing protective masks

Everyone! Wear masks! The CDC says you should! To protect yourself and others from the deadly coronavirus!

Just do it!

(Unless you’re black, of course.)



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Personally, I feel threatened by people who aren’t wearing masks these days, not people who are. But even if we weren’t in the middle of the Great Trump Plague, I don’t see why two guys wearing protective masks in a store would be a big deal. What, is he afraid they’re going to steal something? Or kill someone by recklessly spreading misinformation? That’s Donald Trump’s department.

To be fair, I don’t know the full context of this because the video didn’t start until after the cop was already escorting these two men out of the store. It’s possible they were being kicked out for some other reason. Maybe they were in the bulk foods section vigorously licking lentils one tiny legume at a time.

But it sure looks like they’re getting 86’d for wearing the kind of scary masks that hundreds of thousands of other people are wearing right now.

So, yeah, even in the midst of a deadly pandemic, racial profiling remains a top priority in this country. Yay, America!

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  • April 7, 2020