Just a friendly reminder to both all Kossacks, especially ones from Pennsylvania, we have a big special election on Tuesday:

The Pennsylvania state Senate has been in Republican control for more than 20 years. As recently as last year, the GOP had so much control, they held a super-majority that could have potentially overrode Gov. Tom Wolf’s veto.

But that tide could potentially change with a local special election on April 2. Democrat Pam Iovino is facing off against Republican D. Raja to fill a vacant state Senate seat for the 37th District, which includes much of the South Hills and the western portion of Allegheny County. 

If Iovino were to win, it would give Democrats 22 seats on the state Senate, their highest number since 2014. Iovino would then face re-election in 2020, along with three other competitive districts currently held by Republicans in Erie, Dauphin, and Delaware counties. If Democrats win all those races, they would have 25 seats, with Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman as the tie breaker. 

“Looking at a statewide perspective, if the Democrats have a good year, they have a feasible chance to pick up the senate,” says G. Terry Madonna, political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster. 

We just flipped two special elections in Louisiana, let’s do it again in Pennsylvania on April 2nd. Click here to sign up for GOTV events.

Or, click here to get directly involved with Iovino’s campaign.

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