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Tucker Carlson thinks we're getting way too worked up about North Korea's atrocities

Guess I’m just a softheaded liberal who thinks you shouldn’t enslave and starve your people, imprison and kill your political foes, and run your country like a death cult.

Silly me.

On Fox News this morning, Tucker Carlson, the Joseph Goebbels of bow-tied silver-spoon twerps, said we’re getting far too exercised about the whole Trump-loves-murderous-dictators thing because, well, we’re talking about Trump here, not that dusky quisling Barack Obama.

To be fair, he did call North Korea “disgusting” and noted there’s no defending it. But that was before unequivocally praising Donald Trump’s empty overtures toward Kim Jong Un.

CARLSON: You know, I’m not a relativist or anything, but it’s important to be honest about that, and it’s not necessarily a choice between the evil people and the great people, it’s a choice most of the time between the bad people and the worst people, and that’s just kind of the nature of life and the nature of power. And I do think that’s how the president sees it. He’s far less sentimental about this stuff, and maybe I think more realistic about it. And I don’t agree with everything that Trump says, but this is one thing I do agree with. You know, there is a kind of Samantha Power, dorm room, like, “Oh, they're so mean.” And it’s kind of silly and stupid and not helpful. In the end what matters is what’s good for the United States, and you deal with bad people a lot of the time in order to help your own country, and that’s kind of the way I think Trump sees it.


Uh, okay. 

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By the way, Tucker apparently called into Fox on his day off to spew this fascist pablum. Think about that.

Oh, and Tucker, you and the rest of your far-right cronies have permanently lost the right to compare any Democrat to Neville Chamberlain ever again. Because you’re saying our pr*sident is right to sidle up to murderous dictators without getting anything in return — except pantsed in front of the entire world.

Also, did you forget what you said in this video?


And, yes, Tucker also said, “You've got to be honest about what it means to lead a country; it means killing people. A lot of countries commit atrocities, including our allies.”

So what would it take for Trump to treat our allies better? Should they commit fewer atrocities or more atrocities? Because I’m genuinely confused about that.

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