From the network that once pissed its pants in abject fear and outrage over Ebola, immigrant caravans, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ inability to get a meal at a restaurant that one time.

Your favorite syphilitic clown penis, Tucker Carlson, from last night’s show:

The whole thing is a lie. If you were to assemble a list, a hierarchy of concerns, of problems this country faces, where would white supremacy be on the list? Right up there with Russia, probably. It’s actually not a real problem in America. The combined membership of every white supremacist organization in this country would be able to fit inside a college football stadium. I mean, seriously. This is a country where the average person is getting poorer, where the suicide rate is spiking. White supremacy, that’s the problem. It’s a hoax. Just like the Russian hoax. It’s a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power. That’s exactly what’s going on.

Yeah, never mind about that rampage killer with his white supremacist manifesto and the 20 people who died as a result of Donald Trump’s poisonous earworms. It’s all fake! You know, like Russia!

Toward the end of the interview, Carlson concluded that white supremacy was just a made-up talking point Democrats are using for the next election cycle. Uh huh. Has Carlson learned DJT’s talent for projection?

Believe me, Fox knows a fake story concocted to stir up fearful, angry voters when it sees one. Right, Sean Hannity? 

Say hi to Seth Rich’s family, okay?

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  • August 7, 2019