Tucker Carlson attacks Elmo over Muppet's racial justice stance

Yes, that’s just as fucking stupid as it sounds:



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Okay, so that wasn’t Elmo talking. It was some other Muppet. Still …

SOME OTHER MUPPET: “People of color, especially in the black community, are being treated unfairly because of how they look.”

TUCKER CARLSON: “It’s a children’s show. Got that, Bobby? America is a very bad place and it’s your fault. So no matter what happens, no matter what they do to you when you grow up, you have no right to complain. That’s the message and it starts very young.”

The economy is in the toilet, a deadly pandemic has killed more than 110,000 Americans, and racial tensions have roiled the entire nation and much of the world, so by all means let’s talk about the issue that is fueling the zeitgeist: the left-wing bias of Muppets.

Thanks, Tucker, for being on my side. Most people don’t have the guts to say it. You did.

Cheers, bruh.

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