Truth is …He's being impeached.. YOU Get Over it. Get over it shirts sold by Trump/Pence campaign

I saw where Trump supporters  and fundraising tools are wearing Mulvaney’s confession on their chest proud as can be.. “ Get over it”.   They need to wake up and smell the coffee.  The Con boy is going to be impeached and probably charged after out of office.  He Should be charged now.  New York is not going to let his corruption go by the wayside. 

The good people who are patriotic and believe in the rule of law are not going to let this corruption go by the wayside.   Those tee shirts should be blood red to remind people to to just get over the kids in cages, death of the Kurds, and all the people dying from this monster and his administration.    Be ever so sure, there are people dying due to his position.

Sane people or people not profiting from Russia know the orange man is going to be impeached.  Say it or write it on a wall 100 times… Gonna  be impeached….  YOU GET OVER IT.   They left out the first and most important line for the shirt. “ WE LIE,CHEAT, and STEAL….Get Over it.  

I could hardly believe they actually took a confession of a high crime and promoted it for a dollar.

I swear they would sell the pennies off their dead Mother’s eyes and sell em for a dollar.  


President Trump’s reelection campaign on Friday started selling T-shirts with the slogan “Get Over It,” a reference to recent remarks made by acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

The campaign rolled out the shirts a day after Mulvaney told reporters at a White House press conference that there’s “going to be political influence in foreign policy” and people should “get over it.”

Or just plain… IMPEACHMENT for CROOKS…GET OVER IT.  It seems the civil war mongers have started ordering their uniforms.   What’s next.   Democrats are Commies…..or A donkey with Enemy of the State or a pic of the press saying Enemy of the People?   This is dangerous stuff.

I have never seen IN YOUR FACE so IN YOU FACE before.  Well we have now…