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Trump's White House presser “I know you better than you know yourself.”

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Today’s presser had more Trump lies. Trump claimed that the numbers are now going down.

They aren’t.

The same press questions happened and Trump chose not to answer ones asking for specificity.

Why can’t we get tested as easily as Trump.  He didn’t answer that question. Trump repeats his same bafflegab, making little sense when asked about why everyone who wants a test can get a test. Nothing new was revealed today, other than a few election-related remarks. “People are dying in a lockdown position, too”.

Trump tired to brand “Obamagate” today without identifying the crime that PBO supposedly committed.

Trump tried to insult some reporters and abruptly fled the presser.

  • Trump has been having some trouble reading his prepared remarks
  • Trump is doing a show and tell with various coronavirus testing products
  • Trump characterizes the US coronavirus death numbers as “at the best part of the pack”
  • Trump is really trying to make “transition into greatness” a thing
  • “We had one of the best weeks in the history of our border between the United States and Mexico, our southern border” — I’m not surprised people aren’t excited to come to the US right now

  • Trump prematurely declares victory on the coronavirus: “We have met the moment and we have prevailed.”
  • “Things happen” — Trump downplays two White House staffers testing positive for coronavirus
  • Trump claims American workers will be able to get tested every day “very soon.” (US testing capacity is nowhere near that level — we’re testing about 300k a day.)
  • Trump claims that the science of wearing face masks during a pandemic is “not a one-sided thing, believe it or not.” (It is a one-sided thing.)
  • TRUMP: “You never prevail when you have 90,000 people [dead], 100,000 people, 80,000 people as of today.”
  • TRUMP: “It is a transition to greatness, and greatness is next year, right from the beginning. I think we will do fantastically well.” (Sounds like Trump isn’t optimistic about economy improving during the election … )
  • Trump’s explanation for not wearing a mask is basically that everyone else is wearing one so he doesn’t think he has to
  • REPORTER: Isn’t there a double standard when WH staffers can get tested every day and normal Americans can’t at all?
  • TRUMP: If we didn’t get the tests, you’d be up complaining … I understand you very well. Better than you understand yourself
  • REPORTER: How can you recommend Americans go back to work when the White House cannot contain the spread among staff?
  • TRUMP: “I think we are doing a really good job and watching it, and I think it is very well contained, actually.”
  • “It’s a tiny percentage … the children recover from that” — Trump downplays a new potentially fatal coronavirus-related syndrome in children. An HHS official immediately clarifies that it’s a very serious matter.
  • Trump lies and says “Germany and the United States are the two best in deaths per 100,000 people.” The US is nowhere near the top of the list in this metric.
  • “If someone wants to be tested right now, they will be able to get tested.” — this is not true

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