Trump believes that he can do tele-rallies (sic) but the Trump campaign has not ruled out holding in-person campaign rallies. The rest was the usual nonsense because don’t you know, Biden will destroy the suburbs (sic). And the delusional lies continue from Michigan’s Man of the Year (sic).

Trump held what was described as his “first ever TELE-Rally” on Friday, delivering 23 minutes of stream-of-consciousness remarks on a variety of topics, including his administration's Covid-19 response to criticisms of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“I wanted to be with you, and this is really replacing our rallies that we all love so much,” Trump told supporters dialed into a telephone call, noting that, given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, “we're doing really well with the therapeutics and vaccines, but until that gets solved it's going to be tough to have those big massive rallies, so I'm doing telephonic rallies, and we'll call them the Trump rallies, but we'll do it by telephone.”…

Trump told his Michigan “tele-rally” tonight that he was named Michigan's Man of the Year 10 years ago, though he has very obviously never been named Michigan's Man of the Year.

almost said telephone rally twice

Trump drew fire last month for suggesting he'd asked officials to “slow down” testing, a claim staff dismissed as a joke (but he claimed was in earnest).


 the Trump campaign has not ruled out holding in-person campaign rallies.

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