Trump’s secret sit-down with republican Ohio candidates turns into ‘Hunger Games’

If you are surprised by this headline, you haven’t been watching Donald J. Trump close enough. Donald Trump is Coriolanus Snow, the authoritarian president of Panem in the Hunger Games. According to Politico:

Donald Trump was headlining a fundraiser on Wednesday night at his golf club in West Palm Beach, Fla. But before the dinner began, the former president had some business to take care of: He summoned four Republican Senate candidates vying for Ohio’s open Senate seat for a backroom meeting.

Essentially what Donald Trump did was take his Reality TV show format and apply it to this meeting. The four leading contenders vying for Trump’s endorsement was:

  • Josh Mandel: Former state Treasurer
  • Jane Timken: Former state GOP Chair
  • Bernie Moreno: Technology company executive
  • Mike Gibbons: Investment banker

From press reports, Josh Mandel is Trump’s favorite candidate. And of course most likely to lose a general election. You can see why in the video below:

Please don’t think these candidates are outliers. At this point, virtually every Republican is auditioning for the former president’s endorsement. Trump called on his handpicked state party chair, Jane Timken, to speak first. Things quickly got out of hand thereafter, according to Politico:

Trump at one point reminded Timken that she’d initially defended Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio) after he’d voted for Trump’s impeachment in January. That evening’s fundraiser was to benefit Max Miller, a former Trump White House aide who was running to unseat Gonzalez, and the former president spoke derisively about the member of Congress throughout the evening, several attendees said.

Timken, two people said, responded to Trump by saying that she’d “cleaned” up her position, an apparent reference to a later statement she released calling on Gonzalez to resign.

Why does the GOP continuously put their heads into the lion’s mouth?

You can read the full article here: Trump’s secret sit-down with Ohio candidates turns into ‘Hunger Games’

  • March 26, 2021