Trump and his well-oiled machine are using Chuck Todd and the mainstream media with little pushback to con Americans back to work. It is an election strategy that could work given the anemic pushback from all corners.

Chuck Todd used once more to deceive Americans

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It is not like it was not known what angles the Trump administration would take to attempt to salvage a possible 2020 election victory. After willfully botching the COVID-19 pandemic and causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans while destroying an economy whose internals were already set for a crash, even if not immediately, Trump and his sycophants had to come up with something.

Peter Navarro became Trump’s point man on national TV. And he was effective on both Meet The Press with Chuck Todd and on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Why? Because their pushback was anemic bordering of dereliction of their duty.

The narrative on Meet The Press was similar to Chris Christie’s on This Week. Americans have two choices, dying from suicides, get drug-addicted, endure domestic violence, die from not getting elective surgeries and diagnostics, or simply die from COVID-19 going back to work. Either way, you are dead but at least from COVID-19, you had your freedom.

Look, I am exaggerating here, but that is the message they want to be inculcated in your minds and the one already in the minds of many of their followers. The thing is, most willing to think if even marginally so, understand that that is a false choice.

Americans have been dying from suicides, domestic violence, lack of healthcare for some time. Republicans and neo-liberals have never been interested in instituting domestic policies to mitigate these. As long as enough Americans were out there working to fill the coffers of the one percent then who the hell cared.

COVID-19 has shown that power lies with the masses. With oil storage tanks filling up, with monthly declines in consumption, with Americans forced into a simpler life, our extractive economy is stalling and the plutocrats are finally starting to fear a complete paradigm shift.

If Americans simply succumb to the status quo without forcing the effectuation of their demands in lieu of mutual assured economic destruction, we would have lost a once in a multi-generational opportunity.

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