Rough weekend as Trump did some ceremonial duties among the golf trips to Virginia.

President Trump’s struggles to stand still during a Memorial Day visit to Arlington National Cemetery lit up social media Monday, prompting users to recall past incidents in which the commander in chief, who turns 74 next month, battled to find a balance.

More whining

In a tweet fired off this Monday afternoon, President Trump painted a rosy picture of the response to his administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying he’s received “great reviews” for his performance.

Then there’s the RNC in Charlotte, featuring the usual Trump tactic of pre-event complaining to elicit concessions.

Contrary to Trump’s claims, Cooper has lifted North Carolina’s stay-at-home order and many other restrictions, although mass gatherings are still on hold.
Public health experts say it’s still too early to tell what the conditions will be like in any state in three month’s time when the RNC is scheduled. But it’s almost certain that social distancing and personal protective gear like masks will be required, potentially denying Trump his standard victorious photo op.
North Carolina has had more than 22,000 COVID-19 cases and 737 deaths so far.

Trump’s threat appears to be a step in an effort to transform the pandemic response into a front in the culture wars roiling the nation.

The president’s right-wing supporters are raging against the remaining restrictions even as most states move to reopen after the stay-at-home effort to stop the spread of the virus.
Some #MAGA fans are refusing to wear protective masks even though public health experts say they help prevent transmission. Trump himself has sought to avoid being photographed wearing a mask in public, apparently to signal his enthusiasm about setting aside all restrictions as quickly as possible.
But Republican governors and a handful of critics within the GOP are being much more cautious, perhaps fearing that Trump’s reckless behavior and outlandish statements will cost lives and spark a political blowback against them.…

Greg Olear interviewed Noel Casler and reviewed some matters related to Trump’s “personal Vietnam”.

The comic Noel Casler worked on Celebrity Apprentice for six seasons. For the last three, he worked closely with Ivanka Trump. Unlike his colleagues, Casler has bravely thwarted his nondisclosure agreement, taking to the stand-up stage, and to Twitter, to tell us the unvarnished truth. And like Trump’s hair-do, it ain’t pretty:


GO: The drugs are obviously a much bigger deal. Anyone who’s watched him during the last three years—and especially during the pandemic pressers—can see that there are times when his affect is radically different. The press will describe him sometimes as “subdued.” Can you detail what you’ve seen?

NC: He snorts Adderall as his maintenance high. When he gets too wired, this is tempered with benzodiazepines. There’s also a robust use of cocaine and methamphetamine in the Trump orbit, and I’ll leave it at that….NYC is also full of folks with anecdotes of Trump’s drug use. They come up to me and share stories all the time. Look into the Dr. Bornstein stuff if you want to know more, and ask yourself why Trump sent [his bodyguard] Keith Schiller to strong-arm the doctor and steal his medical records, shortly after being elected POTUS.  

GO: Next: Sexually transmitted disease. I don’t think this is important, except that it tells us something about his character, or lack thereof, if he has herpes and goes around having unprotected sex—and, even worse, sexually assaulting and raping women.

NC: Yes. “Captain Valtrex” was another nickname for him. He sent his secretaries to the CVS on 57th Street to pick up his scripts for that herpes treatment. He used the name “John Barron” on some of these prescriptions.…

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