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Trump's new Chant…Total disrespect for someone not even laid to rest. It's Fill that Seat !

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Are you angry yet?  I hope so.  We must block the republicans from stealing the election with a packed court.   I think we need to get even more voters out and I am depending on Pelosi and Schumer to go into that quiver  of arrows  and  pull out that compound bow and let em fly.

The disrespect and lack of mourning period for an icon is enough to stir up a fuss.  She had family.

She had friends.  She had a following.   They do not want to wait until a grave is dug to replace her.  This is outrageous.  

We are less than 50 days out from a presidential election and if the people are to speak, that would be the popular vote.  The people did speak by over 2 million votes and it was Hillary Clinton.

We must get rid of the EC, IMO.  This president was not elected by popular vote.  He has no mandate to appoint a supreme court justice to the bench breaking their rules 40 some odd days from an election.

First of all, his hollow words of “ such a fine woman of justice” is just that.  Hollow words.  McConnell is going to pay a price for this low class move if the people of Kentucky make it happen.   Every last one of the republicans who stand with this con man and POS speaker needs to know just how low class and disrespecting the dead really goes over in this country.  I think the people have had enough.   Time to start calling every one of the Republican voters and Journalists, “ Push their hypocrisy day and night”.

What kind of country does one have when they cannot believe one word any of these hypocrtical, power hungry, low classed, liars deliver?   You have nothing. 

What kind of person cannot even wait for after the mourning?    Remember that.  They will lie to you.  They will harm you.  They will do anything to line their pockets and spit in your face with lies.  They won’t let you mourn.

Stand up..and call them with your disgust.  This appointment will lead to a violent outburst just 40 some odd days from an election.  Do none of them care about what an appointment and vote will lead to?  They must want a war in the streets.  We can stop it.  ( I hope).


Honor the late Justice Ruth’s wishes for her family and the country.  23 hours of mourning before passing out her job description is not just low class, it is wrong.  

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