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Trump's “Major Anniuncement” on border secutiry? Fuggedaboudit. Mama Coulter sent him to his room.

Well, that didn’t take long! To be honest, I’m surprised that His Lowness didn’t show up today at Dover AFB clad in his silk Gucci boxers, since obviously the demented banshee that is Ann Coulter has already confiscated his every last pair of pants for her personal use. We aren’t 20 minutes past Trump’s “major announcement,” you know, the one where he didn’t mention the furloughed workers once, and already Ann Coulter, the Dick Cheney of the Trump administration, is flaying him alive. Here’s just a quick sample of her wrath:


And then there’s


Aw, come on Queen Kong, let us know how you really feel!


Oh  Noz! Does that mean that Little Orkin Annie is going to start referring to the Prez as “Low Energy Donnie? The mind quails at the thought, not to mention Trump’s snowflake sensitive little ego.

And just think, this is only Saturday. One can only wonder what the Oxycontin Kid is going to have to say about this outrage come Monday, when he’s had a day and a half for someone to write something legible out for him.

I remember the good old days, when we all worried about who was going to take away Trump’s cell phone, before he demolished the country. Hard to believe that we now have to worry about absconding with Ann Coulter’s cell phone instead, before she deomlished the contry. Welcome to Trumpmenistan!

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