Trump's latest financial trouble 'explodes the national security risk by a factor of 10'

This will either be extremely alarming or just another fraught moment on this lush, fragile, spinning rock of ours—depending on how enthusiastically you took to huffing industrial paint solvents as the clammy orange murder-ape squatted (quite possibly literally) in the Oval Office from 2017-2021.

Donald Trump is naught but an oozy, malodorous mound of id, so it stands to reason that he’d sell out our country for a full set of Happy Meal Pokémon cards and/or a languorous reach-around from Mayor McCheese. So the thought that he’d be even more compromised if he were to win a second term is both jarring and, when you really think about it, pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

  • February 17, 2022