Weird how it’s possible to have presidential leadership that isn’t into gaslighting douchebaggery or mindless grifting off “cancelculture”

Donald Trump lost re-election by 7,060,401 popular votes and 74 electoral votes, caused his party to lose both houses of Congress, was impeached twice, and is being criminally investigated in two states.

As right-wing political leaders go, Trump appears unusual in a number of ways.  He shares with many of them demagogic skills at mobilizing a mass audience of ardently committed and resentment-filled followers.  He also has been adept at exploiting various forms of racial and religious bigotry.  Nationalism, or integral nationalism, has been a consistent theme in his rhetoric,  themes consistent with other right-wing leaders.

On the other hand, virtually none of his right-wing peers have been caught referring to members of the military, including those who have been killed in action, as ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’.  Ordinarily, right-wing demagogues go out of their way to extol the heroism and bravery of their country’s military. Trump pays lip service to these patriotic values, but the media have reported his true feelings uttered in private conversations with aides.

Also, few right-wing leaders in past decades have treated their positions of power as money-making opportunities.  Trump is a businessman who has exploited his political office for personal and family profit-making, e.g. encouraging those wishing to do business with the federal government to stay at his Washington DC hotel and his various other resort properties. This puts him among the likes of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.…

  • March 12, 2021